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Mr. H's chicken dinner

Winna winna, chicken dinna!  Yep, that was me last weekend.  Mr. H turned out a delicious meal.  It was a little heavy on the starch – the veggies spoke for themselves and don’t really need the rice company.  Aside from that, copy and paste this meal and I’m all over it again.  A simple white wine rosemary pan chicken with roasted potatoes and veggies pan cooked with the chicken.  I’m a fledgling vegetarian, though chicken cooked this delicious keeps me from fully going veggie.

Lemon and Almond Chocolate Meringues: not all that photogenic, but tastytasty!

I made meringues last weekend.  They’re not my prettiest specimens, but they tasted yummy.  The yellow/orange ones are lemon meringues and the others are almond chocolate meringues.  Viewed close up the sugar  in them reflected light and made them shimmer.

In other food news, I made snickerdoodle cookies at 11pm Wednesday night as my night class on Thursday after work requested some sort of heritage dish.  My people are mutts, through and through, so bringing a “heritage” dish to a school thing is always a challenge for me, particularly when my classmates are almost all first or second generation immigrants that have great food recipes passed down from their parents’ or their home country.  I made the joke the previous week that I should bring alcohol as a lot of my ancestors had been alcoholics, so it was part of my heritage.  No one seemed to see the humor in it, sigh.  I still think it’s funny!  Though I settled on snickerdoodles, which my Mom made a lot when I was a kid.