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Appropriately, food.

No exciting Thanksgiving holiday action going on for me out here in lala land.  It’s not a big deal though – Christmas is the holiday for me!  I did have a lovely long weekend filled with friends and food though.

Kitchen sink salad from the other weekend: spinach, avocado, mandarin oranges, walnuts, parmesean, mushrooms, and onion

It’s apparently a good year for avocados out here.  My boyfriend’s family had so many avocados that they sent a handful my way, and one of my bosses at work gave me the biggest most beautiful avocado I’ve ever seen.  So avocados have been making a lot of appearances in homemade dishes around here.

Artichoke and Spinach Dip with Rosemary Rolls: sadly not a single one of these things is homemade.  Though everything was delicious!

Orange-Lemon Poppy seed Cake: Made this one Thanksgiving day morning for kicks.  It was a recipe that involved using cake mix as a base, which made me a little hesitant (I need to not be such a from-scratch-snob!), but it actually turned out pretty delicious!  The frosting is a sour cream/cream cheese combo.

Kung-pow tofu and vegetables:  The presentation is all boyfriend, the dish is pretty much all me.  I took a recipe from Cooking Light magazine and distorted the hell out of it.  Thankfully it came back from its hell ride just spicy and flavorful enough to be delicious.  If I can remember the random sequence of cooking actions it took to make this one it’ll definitely get replayed.

I’ve got a paper due tomorrow, so it’s back to the writing dungeon for me!  Which actually isn’t really a dungeon.  My new favorite writing spot is at the kitchen table.  Something about all the uncluttered space and bright lemon yellow walls gets me through hours of writing!  Hopefully that remains the case today.