Caves and Food.

Bronson Cave aka the 1960s TV show Batcave entrance!

Bronson Cave is actually more of a tunnel, as you can see.  You can go right through and out to the other side, or you can veer left and go out the other back entrance.  If you were to cut open the mountain and look down on the tunnels from the sky you’d see a giant Y formed by the tunnels.  This photo is from a hiking trip out into Griffith Park the other week.

Today I am having one of those days where life seems really sunshiney.  It’s a slightly funny situation, as the sky has been cloudy and gloomy all day!  I started my day with a full homemade breakfast, picked up some things from the store, and then came home to a delicious salad thrown together by Mr. H (boyfriend extraordinaire), who then proceeded to do the dishes!

Now I’m casually browsing through gorgeous travel photos taken by Burton Holmes between the 1890s and 1930s and musing about what direction to take my paper in.  A lovely day so far!


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