Getting warmer.

I’ve spent a lot of time flooded with worry about how in the world I would finish my thesis on time.

Now, seventy-seven pages later, it is in the hands of my professors for editing.  I think it just might be okay, as long as they get the edits back in a reasonable amount of time.

Things are also going smoothly on the work project front as well.  I’m entering a data entry phase – I think I need to put together a good data entry music playlist, hah.  I went strong through the morning and early afternoon, but past 3pm I needed to come up for air.

Now, once I get my thesis edits back and put in the corrections and print out 5 copies on fancy cotton paper for binding – then I have a 20 page paper to churn out – and then I’ll be an MA graduate.  So close.  Come on May 15th!  I am ready for this song and dance to be over.


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