Constructive Time Use

I live next to a giant intersection where two major and one minor streets collide.  Every day on my way home from work I have to make a green-light yield left turn through this monstrosity.  As I sit in the middle of the intersection, waiting for the light to turn yellow or red so traffic stops and I can turn, I think about the zombie apocaplyse.

Actually, it starts with me thinking about what a giant chunk of real estate is in the middle of the intersection.  If only these streets had been planned better this space would be less of a car clusterfuck and more of a useful space.  Just imagine the price of the land!  And then when my mind starts thinking more and more, as cars going the opposite direction whizz past my car, I start thinking about what a wasteland this intersection is.

A vast, massive desert.  A challenge to cross as is, but!  What if – What if there was a zombie attack!  I live on one side of the intersection, but the grocery stores I visit are on the opposite end.  How would I cross the abyss undetected so I could go pilfer the grocery store for supplies to hoard?  These are important questions.  So I sit in the middle of the intersection and plot out which streets I’d take north or south of the vast wasteland.  I start thinking about potential zombie distraction techniques, so while the deadbrains are looking right, my livebrain darts left.  And then the light turns yellow, and then red, and the cars stop coming and I make my left turn and head home.  Back to the road, leaving further emergency planning for the next drive home.

What do you think about during your work commutes?


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