Routines and Regulars

Now that I have a bit of a routine going in my first two weeks of full-time work I’ve begun to notice “regulars.”  When I run at the park in the morning before work there is a woman who always wears a blue hair bandana who runs.  She tends to run the opposite way around the track than I do and when we pass each other I have the urge to give her a high five or cheer her on for working hard (she’s not one of the track people who zooms around – she falls in the category that I also fall into – people running around the track trying their hardest to keep their legs moving and their lungs working).

There is also a tall guy who walks the track, and even though he’s walking I still want to high five or fist bump him for showing up all the time too.  You go regulars!

I work at a museum in a park, and the road I take after getting off the freeway runs along a jogging/walking/horse riding path.  Today and yesterday there was an older woman power walking alone – another regular that I’ve started to notice!

I’ve always wanted to be able to walk into a bar and have the customers and bartender know my name.  I think “knowing” the regulars of the exercising-in-the-park world is probably a healthier familiarity, haha.  (Though if there was a bar I liked within walking distance of my apartment, I would also go for knowing the bar regulars!)


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