I have an on-again-off-again relationship with coffee.  So far 2013 has been a weekday morning love affair with coffee, with weekends spent apart.

I had some business things to attend to after work today and felt tired before 5pm even rolled around,  so I broke from my recent caffeine only in the morning pattern and drank a Monster.  It’s not something I buy and I don’t think I’d even had one before.  I got it for free when I ran the OC half marathon the other week.  It definitely helped me focus on the task at hand, BUT HOLY CRAP I AM SO WIDE AWAKE NOW.  I probably should’ve just drank half.  Oops.

Hello Thursday morning!  (where did Wednesday evening go?)

The Monster also left a funny aftertaste – I’m not a fan.  Back in the day when I was pulling long hours for grad school or driving long distances my poison of choice was a Starbucks double shot.  Mmmm.  Those things actually taste good at least.  Monster just tastes like liquid chemical.

Tomorrow’s gonna hurt.  I’m gonna have to bust out the uber motivational tunes for all that data entry/descriptive work I have to do on the archives I’m working on.


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