Blank Slate.

In one month I ship off to York, Maine to start a 2.5 month internship.  I have never been to Maine before.  The closest I have ever been is Washington, D.C.  Or maybe Cincinnati, OH?  I’m not sure which one is actually closer.  Maybe this fact tells you something about what I know about the East.

That is a big part of why I am doing this though.  I am in love with the West Coast.  This is something I already know.  What do I not know?  The East Coast.  I want to find out if there is something I will love about that geography too.

The most difficult part in all of this is that I am leaving my human love in Los Angeles.  This is a big part of the challenge.

And so my countdown to the end of my first year of grad school has turned into a countup to my Maine adventure.

Palms, Los Angeles from friends’ rootop

March 2010


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