Welcome to Vacationland.

The Museum encompasses several Museum buildings and open outdoor areas, each of which I’ll say a little bit about in future posts. This is Steedman Woods. It’s a beautiful little stretch of forest that runs along the York River. No admission charges here of course. The land was donated to the Museum to be preserved as a pocket of unchanged landscape.

I have arrived in a land missing big box stores and fast food drive thrus.  A place where stores close early and the smog and congestion of public buses is absent.  York is a small town in Maine just over the New Hampshire border.  It’s a coastal town that sees its population ebb and flow with the coming and going of summer visitors.  I suppose I am one of those summer outsiders.

It has been just over a week since touching down in Vactionland (that’s the Maine state motto, by the way).  I am just about settled into the house I’m living in with three other interns.  This is especially the case as 1.5 weeks into living here we’ve finally gotten connected with the rest of the world through internet!  It’s funny how being connected to the rest of the world makes me feel more connected with my abode.

In my capacity as the Library Fellow I’ll be processing the Peter Moore Collection (more on that later).  The other three fellows here at the Museum are working on interpretive ideas for a Tavern building.

This week has been week 2 of 2 involving training with the Museum’s buildings and procedures.  Saturday is opening day for the season and will kick off the rest of the summer of work and tours.


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