I really like my academic self, but sometimes I miss my fiction writing.  Non-fiction is so structured and so planned out.  I struggle with having prepared outlines before I start writing.  I am always shuffling around sections, unhappy with the way things flow.  I’m not much of an editor of my own work.  I have a (not-so?) secret love of editing other people’s work, but when I get my own words down on paper I just want them to stay there.  I put them there to begin with for a reason.  It made sense to me at the time.  But oh, I suppose there is a great need in non-fiction for things to “make sense.”  I know you could call writing the transmission of thoughts, and in this way it is important for a reading audience to be able to understand the words typed or printed down.  Ho hum.

It is raining and I have the whole apartment to myself tonight (no dog even!).  Quiet and pleasant rain.


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