Hooray for Thursdays.

Mopey McMopester laying in front of the front door

I would like to write a story about someone who saves the world because they make lists.  Mostly because that’s the only way I seem to get things done, so what if the right combination of words on paper could just make things “click”?

I’ve been integrating pieces of my undergrad thesis into my current thesis, and it’s really making me realize how much I’ve matured as an academic writer.  What I had three years ago was good, but I can see the gaps in it, now that I’ve had these years of detachment.

My class on 19th and 20th century European history (the only class I’m taking this semester), has lately been dwelling on imperialism, and makes me want to reread books I read for a class on the Literature of Imperialism back in 2006.  Doris Lessing and Rudyard Kipling wrote some pretty stellar autobiographies and I wouldn’t mind a journey back through their lives.

Thursday night NBC comedies have become the highlight of my week.  I tend to take the evening off and go to bed at a decent hour.  Hooray for Thursdays!  I usually have school or writing group meetings on Friday, so it never quite feels like the weekend’s started, but that’s okay.


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