New digs.

Okay, so I had a period of time last fall that was filled with some big (and unnecessary) dramarama, but now things are better.  I moved to a new locale in the Los Angeles region, and I am busy setting up my new abode.  It doesn’t have the old tyme charm of the last place, but the air conditioning works at this new place and the windows keep in the right air temperature.  I’m making it charming myself.

After a brief period of time working hard to find another old apartment in a relatively safe area with hardwood floors and a parking space (preferably under $1,000 per month to rent), well, I flat out gave up.  I’m pretty sure anything with those qualifications does not exist in Los Angeles.  If you’ve found it, double triple super bonus points for you!  I found a nice alterative place to settle down at though, that still clocks in at under $1,000, is a one bedroom, and is just the right size for me.  I’ll bring the personality.

My work commute is amazing.  On an all-lights-are-green day I can make it there in 5 minutes.  10 minutes on a bad day.

Guess I should take some photos sometime of the new digs.  It is still very much a work in progress.

For now though I’m going to bed – it’s been a very productive day of work, but also mentally exhausting.


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