I’ve been in a blogging drought lately.  I drive around town plotting what kind of blog updates I’m going to make, and then I sit down at the computer and get lazy.

I’ve been working on the frontmatter finding aid elements at work, which translates into a lot of hours starting at the computer in my cubicle.  When I get home I have absolutely no desire to turn on the laptop.

Mostly I’ve been watching a lot of British TV on Netflix.  For the longest time I’ve really wanted to like Doctor Who, but I watched a few episodes with David Tennant as the Doctor, and these randomly selected shows just didn’t hook me in.  I decided to do it proper and start with episode 1 of the 2005 season.  Ding!  That hooked me.  Guess I just had to watch them in order for the later episodes to have more meaning.

Once I finished that season I started watching Torchwood, and holy crap, next thing I know I’m an addict.  It’s like a slightly goofier X-Files, and I now need my crack fix several times a day.


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